A Happy Customer


 R. H writes:

I began yet another journey into weight management in February 2012. I chose Dr. McCarthy's practice for an initial consultation after finding information on the web about his methodology behind working with patients and applying the science of weight loss and weight management. I couldn't afford to purchase another wardrobe of work clothes in the next larger size - not with closets of 5 different wardrobe sizes of business suits. I had reached that point - where do I go from here?
Since I was 16 (I'm 50 now), I have been struggling with losing and sustaining a reasonable weight goal. If you are reading this, you may also be in the "I've tried EVERY diet program and here I am again" category. That's where I was too; decades of spending a lot of money on program fees, special foods and clothes that fit. And here I am 50 pounds overweight and miserable again. My initial consultation in February 2012 with NOVA ABC was free, and surprisingly not a push for food products or medications. This was a discussion about me - my lifestyle, at home and at work, and my family's history of weight management.

It's August, 2012 and I've lost about 40 pounds. This hasn't been a race to reach a magic number or a goal before ____ event again. I sincerely appreciate the discussions with Dr. McCarthy about the "whys," and this will be a lifetime partnership with NOVA ABC. My customized plan is working well with my insane schedule of commuting to work in the DC area, and the stressful job I handle once I finally get to the office. When I started this journey, I had very little time to reflect on me instead of every commitment I struggle to complete. I'm finally taking the opportunity to think about me as a priority commitment, and just that small effort and precious little time has resulted in a greatly improved quality of life at work and home.

I no longer think I am a failure and give up if I have strayed slightly off the weight loss program. Life and all of the events it brings us has to be worked into the big picture. This is my journey and I encourage you to give this experience a chance instead of giving up. If the student is willing, the teacher appears! When I finally reach a healthy goal that is where my challenges rest - how to keep it off! (And I will).

 Dr. McCarthy and his staff are fantastic - professional, pleasant, punctual, friendly, caring!

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