A Diabetic Changes Her Life
  There is an edge to today's busy environment that requires a balance between mind and body to maintain the demands of our fast pace lifestyle.  We all know that if we aren't focused and committed, it will extract our energy and compromise our good health.  As a diabetic who's tried and failed to keep a healthy balance, I can tell you what a difference NOVA ABC and Dr McCarthy has been for me.  Dr McCarthy and his staff taught me how to understand and bridge the dynamics between mind and body.  Dr McCarthy guided me through the concept of getting the two too work together in harmony that lead me to a blissful discovery, and that is that I really am in charge of my desired change.  The proof speaks for itself.  My diabetes in now under control and for the first time in years, I feel great.  Nova ABC didn't just wow me, they showed me how to wow myself.   Sincerely, Maya, age 54 (this patient was able to go off her all diabetes medication

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