A Twenty Something Gets Her Life Back
  "I want to thank everyone at NOVA ABC for helping me get my life back!  I had a liver-transplant in 1993.  It left me gaining weight from the medications, and even spurred on diabetes.  I felt like my body was fighting against me and that I would never win the battle. After I being in the program at NOVA ABC, I can't believe the wonderful changes that have taken place in my life!  Not only have I lost weight and inches, going from a size 16 to a size 3, but I have been able to get off of insulin and blood sugar medications entirely! With the help of Dr. McCarthy, I've also been able to control my blood pressure and get off of that medication as well.   I am in control of my eating and looking great!  It's the best gift my parents have given me by helping me to go to NOVA ABC and get my life back.  I owe it all to my parents and the entire staff at NOVA ABC!"  Dana P.

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