Dr McCarthy offers a variety of medically supervised weight loss programs to fit your individual needs.  You will not be asked to attend a high pressure sales pitch or sign a long-term contract.  We want you to join our program because you find it to be the best suited for your needs.  Unlike many other "physician directed programs", Dr McCarthy will see you at every appointment.  The first step in joining our program is a phone call away.
Your initial examination will include a complete physical, EKG and body composition analysis.  We also offer (for an additional fee), the Korr Metabolic Rate test.  (This is a 10 minute test that measures how many calories your body burns in a 24 hour period.  You may have seen this test demonstrated on the Oprah Winfrey show.)

Dr McCarthy will review all the information you provide on the personal history form, as well as your labs and other available reports.  Based on this information, your physical exam, as well as your personal preferences and unique circumstances an individualized diet plan will be outlined for you.  We understand that the only plan that will be successful in the long-term is the one you can live with.

Dr McCarthy works closely with your medical care provider, keeping him or her updated on your progress.  (A great number of our patients are referred to us by both primary care providers and medical specialists)

The frequency of visits is based on your special needs.  Patients who are seen more often, especially early in the program, generally experience greater success.  We try to accommodate everyone's needs, since many of our patients travel a great distance or have obligations that may limit the frequency of visits.

At each office visit Dr McCarthy will take time to help you overcome obstacles that have prevented weight loss or caused weight regain in the past.  He will also, help you plan for upcoming events such as parties, travel or vacations.  Every visit is an opportunity for personal education in problem solving so that you are empowered to take control of the barriers that have prevented weight loss success. 

Our weight loss programs address nutrition, eating habits and physical activity.  We may utilize prescription and non-prescription medication for improved metabolism, appetite suppression, hunger reduction and cravings to enhance weight loss and prevent fatigue that may accompany weight loss.

We employ an array of dietary approaches including total and partial meal replacements or all food diets.  Dietary supplements and snack foods are available at our office, as well as meal replacements.

Our meals, snacks, supplements and medications are priced to make our program affordable.  Our goal is to save you a trip to the pharmacy or nutrition store.  We strive to provide you with high quality products at a affordable price.  Our prescription medications (including generics) are chosen for their proven efficacy and safety rather than cost.  (Most generics at your pharmacy are chosen solely by cost. You may not even receive the same brand at each refill.)

You are free to buy your products anywhere*, but you must be aware of what you're buying.  One of the most common reasons for weight loss failure is substituting store products that may not have the nutritional ingredients recommended for your specific needs.

In general, we do not sell products if we cannot compete in price.  If we know you can obtain a product cheaper elsewhere, we will try to direct you to the best product at the best price.

*Dr McCarthy does not allow patients to use any non-approved product while on a complete meal replacement program.  Most commercial products were not studied or approved for complete meal replacement, and may lack certain amino acids or other vital nutrients.  Absence of these vital nutrients may lead to severe medical complications or even death.  Our recommended products for complete meal replacement have been found safe and effective in medical studies.



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